Plongée sous-marine à Fuerteventura

Plongée sous-marine à Gran Canaria

Plongée sous-marine à Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura enjoys the privilege of having the most extensive marine shelf of the entire Canary archipelago, joining the north and the south from Lanzarote to Punta de Jandia, that continues for several kilometres.

The temperature of the sea is from 18º C to 23º C and the maximum visibility is 50 metres. These two facts make the island an excellent place to practice diving. The marine floor is sandy on the leeward side and rocky near land and on the border of the slope, which the mariners call a contour. Until a depth of 30 metres you encounter large sandy areas mixed with the prairies of Cymodocea, which is called Sebas in the islands, because the gardens that form are dominated by “sebadales”.

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