Plaatsen om te zien in La Palma

Plaatsen om te zien in La Palma

On La Palma there is plenty to see and visit. Nature reserves of great interest and of outstanding natural beauty; important scientific facilites and plenty of cultural, historical and ethnographic centres.

Here , some of them:

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Centro de Visitantes del Parque Nacional

  • El Paso
  • The National park Caldera de Taburiente offers its visitors a modern and full-equipped Visitor Centre. They issue camping permits for the National Park and you can also obtain information, maps, guides and leaflets, or look at the exhibition hall, audiovisual...
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Centro de Investigación e Interpretación de "Los Tiles"

  • San Andrés y Sauces
  • Los Tiles, located in the Northeast of the island, is home to one of the most important laurel forests in the Canary Islands. It is home to a laurel forest dating from the Tertiary age and it is part of the core are of the World Biosphere Reserve La Palma...
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Volcán de San Antonio Visitor Centre

  • Fuencaliente
  • Biologists find these cones and solidified lava flows invaluble for studying how lifeforms colonise new land. The vineyards around Fuencaliente are planted on ashes and solidified lava flows near the coastline or between it and the highest points, also...
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