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Places to see in Gran Canaria

Places to see in Gran Canaria

Places to see in Gran Canaria

Culturally speaking, Gran Canaria is synonymous with the blending of cultures. This attribute of the island is the legacy of its long history as a port of call for travellers, having been a society that is open to everything that arrives to its shores from beyond the seas.

The march of time through the islands has left behind an extremely valuable archaeological, artistic, architectural and ethnographic heritage, which bears witness to the cultural evolvement of our island community. This historic heritage, the legacy of the island's own identity, has been enriched and accompanied by multifarious manifestations of art and culture, which has endowed the island with certain unique traits that would be difficult to find in any other territory of such a limited extent.

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Cenobio de Valerón

  • Santa María de Guía
  • El Cenobio de Valerón no es como su propio nombre ...
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Jardín Canario

  • Las Palmas de G. C.
  • Un jardín botánico creado por un sueco extraordina...
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Museo de la Cueva Pintada

  • Gáldar
  • Todas las visitas a la Cueva Pintada de Gáldar son...
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Roque Bentayga

  • Tejeda
  • Tres roques conforman un lugar rodeado de magia, e...
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Holiday cottages in Gran Canaria